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Franson, John
Apr 04 2:10 PM EDT
Post #704
What a great week this is ahead of the Masters - holy week! Let the golfing begin! (snow just melted here in New England!)
Sanders, David
Mar 26 1:39 PM EDT
Post #703
Now that’s how you start the season. Congrats pirates and hookers! Playing with House ????
Valdez, Davi
Mar 14 6:21 PM EDT
Post #702
That damn submit button......
Hohlen, John
Jun 20 8:35 PM EDT
Post #701
Hi TBerry - An interesting idea, indeed. Unfortunately, I think it would be pretty challenging to implement and add more complication to what some already feel is a complicated scoring system. Plus, I will be busy between now and next season making underlying infrastructure changes. Thanks for the idea, though. There are so many different ideas on how to play fantasy golf.
Berry, T
Jun 20 3:02 PM EDT
Post #700
I have a suggestion. How about 1.5 times the money if you pick up your first round alternate for Saturday?
Zubrinski, Paul
May 21 8:16 PM EDT
Post #699
Why didn't Leishman pay off?
Valdez, Davi
Mar 27 2:52 PM EDT
Post #698
Good week, good first session to Benny and the Bets! Whats the secret Megalini???
Franson, John
Mar 19 3:45 PM EDT
Post #697
I guess dropping McIlroy was a mistake.
Sullivan, Glenn
Mar 04 5:27 PM EST
Post #696
Now it starts! Looks like we lost a couple ladies this season, but good to see Megan and Two-Team Tammy back again. Some good golf going on this weekend. Best of luck to all of you. #nodaysoff
Hohlen, John
Aug 22 10:14 PM EDT
Post #695
Wow! Ben Bridgeo hangs on to win outright by $25K. The closest margin ever for the Waba league. Congrats to all the prize winners!
Valdez, Davi
Mar 10 9:23 PM EST
Post #694
Few "Vacants" this week....surprised the SnapHookers isn't one of them!
Hohlen, John
Mar 03 7:15 PM EST
Post #693
Yes, it's a record Chris - by one:
2010 - 44 teams
2011 - 41 teams
2012 - 38 teams
2013 - 45 teams
2014 - 56 teams
2015 - 57 teams
2016 - 58 teams!
Valdez, Davi
Mar 03 4:13 PM EST
Post #692
When is the WABA Golf Tourney starting? Should do near start of the season....
Sullivan, Chris
Mar 03 12:29 PM EST
Post #691
58 Players. Might be a record! Good luck lads....
Franson, John
Mar 02 7:07 PM EST
Post #690
"There's a force in the universe that makes things happen. And all you have to do is get in touch with it, stop thinking, let things happen, and be the ball." And the 2016 season has begun!